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Where Do Mosquitoes Like To Hide? Top Places To Check For Them

A mosquito clinging to the edge of a green leaf.

Mosquitoes could quite possibly be the worst insect in the world. They suck your blood and have a knack for hiding in sneaky spots.

Knowing where mosquitoes like to hide is the best way to defeat them. 

Where do mosquitoes like to hide? Inside, mosquitoes will hide out under or behind furniture, inside drawers, in drains, and on the ceiling or walls. Outside, they hide in tall grass, bushes, shrubs, and trees. Inside or out, mosquitoes prefer dark and humid areas with little sunlight or breeze. 

In the following, you’ll learn where you’ll likely run across these blood-suckers and why they seem to prefer some people over others. 

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Places Mosquitoes Hide in Your Yard 

Trying to find where mosquitoes hide in your yard seems like the ultimate challenge.

They seem to be practically invisible. You can hear them, you can feel them, but you can’t see them. 

  • Dark places – Mosquitoes are fond of the dark, just like the vampires they are. 
  • Shady, warm locations – Shady and humid areas are the most appealing to them. They like to hide in places such as tall grass and bushes and other areas of your yard like shrubs, trees, and even the underside of leaves. 
  • Sheltered spots – They enjoy staying out of the sun and away from the breeze, so an even better place for them to hide is inside your barn or shed. 

Your yard has plenty of homes to offer for the much-despised mosquito. Now, for how they get to such large numbers. 

Mosquito Breeding Grounds 

Ever wonder why the number of mosquitoes in your house or backyard seems to be multiplying consistently? Well, here are the answers to your problem. 

Mosquitoes absolutely love water and humidity, so much so that they make it their go-to breeding ground.

They lay their eggs in standing water, which can be found in a lot of places. 

Standing water is any body of stagnant water, including puddles, ponds, rainwater, drain water, and reservoirs.

It doesn’t necessarily have to be a huge pond for them to lay their eggs in as they can lay their eggs in something as small as a bottle cap full of water. 

Some mosquitoes prefer to lay eggs near, rather than in, water. We explain more here.

Spots in Your Yard Ripe for Mosquito Breeding

Here is a list of the multiple places mosquitoes can be drawn to for the purpose of breeding: 

  • Dog water bowl. 
  • Birdbaths.
  • Buckets. 
  • Planters and pots. 
  • Puddles on the ground. 
  • Old tires and tire swings.
  • Wheelbarrows. 
  • Ponds. 

These are all very common things in our yards, so take a look around and make sure your backyard is protected.

If you have any of these features, be sure they are clear of any standing water!

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Places Mosquitoes Hide in Your House 

If you’re someone who stays inside a lot of the time to escape mosquitoes but still finds that they somehow sneak their way into your home to attack and harass you, this section is for you. 

As stated previously, mosquitoes tend to stay in the dark, away from any gust or breeze.

(This is one reason bug zappers aren’t very effective against mosquitoes – the nighttime biters shy away from the light, as we explain here.)

They like places that are humid, warm, and full of potential and constant meals, such as:

  • Stagnant water – Standing water can be a problem inside the house too. If your basement, crawl space, or under-sink cabinets have a nasty pool of water anywhere, this can be a mosquito breeding ground. 
  • Laundry rooms and bathrooms – These are wet, humid places, just the way mosquitoes like it. Keep an eye out for soggy towels or any standing water on the floor, in the tub, or even in the drains.
  • Houseplants – If you keep your plant soil soggy (which you really shouldn’t), mosquitoes may find that attractive. If you let water stand in the saucers under plants, that’s a no-no too. 

How Do Mosquitoes Get into the House?

Mosquitoes will sneak their way into your house however they can. 

  • Open doors – Just going in and out of your front or back door on a warm, humid day is inviting multiple mosquitoes into your home.
  • Windows without screens – It is advised that you do not leave any screenless windows open when it is hot, humid, raining, or dark outside as that will cause a lot of mosquitoes to make their way into your house and potentially breed. 
  • Holes in screens – Check your window screens and screen doors for small holes. Keep screen fixing supplies on hand to quickly repair any holes you find. 

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Once inside, mosquitoes will likely hide in cabinets, drawers, under or in furniture or your bed, under tables, on the ceiling, or on walls.

They are artists whenever it comes to hiding and are difficult to find. However, they always seem to find YOU. 

Using a few mosquito-repelling candles (we show you which candles are best here) indoors can help keep you free of bites until you get the situation under control.

What About You Attracts Mosquitoes?

Mosquitoes are attracted to a lot of weird things that you wouldn’t really even think of, but the number one thing that they are most attracted to is carbon dioxide. 

Mosquitoes Are Attracted to Carbon Dioxide

Carbon dioxide is a colorless and odorless gas and is a waste product made by our bodies. With each breath, you exhale carbon dioxide.

Carbon dioxide can actually become a poisonous gas when there is too much of it in the air we breathe, so the fact that mosquitoes are drawn to it makes them just a bit more terrifying. 

Mosquitoes Like Your Sweat

Sweat can also become a main target for mosquitoes, as they really do take their love of and attraction to humidity to all sorts of levels.

If you’re sweaty enough, be sure to keep in mind that mosquitoes may sense it and may make their way to you. 

Don’t assume that long clothing will protect you from bites because mosquitoes are quite capable of working their mouthparts right through the fabric of your clothing.

Mosquitoes Are Drawn to Your Warmth

Our body temperature is another source of attraction for mosquitoes. As mentioned previously, they like warm places.

So naturally, if your body temperature is elevated, mosquitoes will be drawn to you even more.

Why Do Some People Get More Mosquito Bites Than Others?

Discovering what makes us most attractive to mosquitoes is definitely worth learning about, as it can keep you safe and protected from the nasty, disease-transmitting insects.

It is believed that different species of mosquitoes are attracted to different scents. Human skin contains a mix of over 400 chemical compounds.

Every person exudes a unique scent based on their particular mix, diet, medications, and lifestyle choices, such as smoking.

Some people give off a scent that many mosquitoes are drawn to, while others apparently don’t smell appealing to these winged terrors at all.

Make no mistake; mosquitoes still find everyone attractive. They just have their certain preferences. 

Where Do Mosquitoes Hide During the Day? 

Knowing where mosquitoes hide during the day is very important since that’s the time when everyone is awake and out and about. 

Mosquitoes aren’t very active during the day. They’re more active at night, when we’re asleep. This can be a good thing, as we won’t have to deal with them as much during the day.

The bad part about it, though, is the fact that venturing outside at night is like offering yourself up as a free buffet.

Mosquitoes like to look for sheltered places to rest in while they dream about biting into our arms and laughing at us from afar when we’re itching the same spot over and over.

Top Outdoor Daytime Hiding Spots for Mosquitoes

Some of the sheltered places they like to sleep during the day include but are not limited to: 

  • Brush, gardens, or thick weeds. 
  • Tall grass.
  • Caves or rock shelters. 
  • Holes in the ground. 
  • Hollow logs.
  • Holes and under leaves in trees. 

The places listed above are the places they like to sleep outside. Unfortunately, they like to sleep closer to us too. 

Top Indoor Daytime Hiding Spots for Mosquitoes

Here are some of the places they tend to hide and rest when indoors. 

  • Basements.
  • Barns.
  • Closets. 
  • Drawers. 
  • Inside lampshades.
  • Walls and ceilings. 
  • In and around potted plants.

Pet Bowls: A Mosquito Hiding Spot to Be Aware Of

One of the most important mosquito hiding places to consider is a pet’s drinking bowl. 

Mosquitoes love water, as we know. So, they can lay their eggs in the water inside the bowl. When your dog drinks out of that bowl, they can lick up some of the mosquito larvae. 

Mosquitoes and/or mosquito larvae can transmit a disease called heartworm, which is a harmful disease that has the potential to be fatal.

The American Kennel Club has more information about how to diagnose and treat heartworm

Final Thoughts

Mosquitoes breed quickly in wet, dark, and humid spots. Once unleashed into the world, they have many places inside and outside where they can hide out.

Knowing where to look is powerful knowledge in fighting against this tiny but mighty foe.