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About Me

Welcome and thanks for stopping by! I started Home Pest Removal after buying my first home and finding a few creepy-crawlers. Nothing too crazy – a few (rather large) spiders, centipedes, and some silverfish

Being an outdoorsy person, I’m not generally afraid of bugs, but it’s a totally different feeling when they’ve invaded your home.

All the sudden, it gets a whole lot more personal and there’s an desire (read: urgent need!) to get them out immediately.

This site was born from my wanting to share the information I find on the best ways to eliminate common household pests and prevent them from making a return.

I’m no stranger to helping people with through useful information and tips from the pros. 

It’s my hope that you’ll find the information here that you need to mitigate your home pest issue and maintain a pest-free home.

Just remember though… if your situation is above your level of comfort or simply too much to handle, call in a professional exterminator.

– Jonathan


Have a question? Feel free to reach contact info@homepestremoval.com